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When I began my body transformation back in 2009, I confused a lot of people. Why? Well, I wasn't really the "athletic" or "fit" type... at least that's what I had told myself. In high school I was in band and thin as a rail. When people thought of me they imagined me holding a saxophone, not dumbbells. One of the things I learned from music is this discipline you become aware of -- you can either practice and perfect your craft-- or JUST as easily not. When it came time to compete or a challenge was given, one could find every excuse in the book about why they couldn't deliver results-- or simply execute. I chose to practice and execute, but I never realized that's something that would help me with fitness.

"To the degree that you spend more time contemplating your success (and how to achieve it) than you do subconsciously creating a safety net filled with reasons and excuses in anticipation of falling short, you’ll stand a much greater chance of achieving what you want! Success is for those who are more committed to delivering a victory speech than an apology..."

Michael Nitti

It's easy to see how someone could see band and working out as two completely different ideas as one involves strenuous activity while the other seems quite leisurely. Truth is, if you aren't there mentally, it doesn't matter what you begin in the physical realm-- it won't mature into the results you had hoped for.

Over the years I've made lots of mistakes, but I've learned from each and every one of them. My goal with this site is to provide you with not only some great fitness and diet tips that I wish I had when I started, but to provide a source of motivation for you to keep moving forward. Be sure to check out the MOVE Lifestyle Coaching System™ as most of my blogs and the guest blog post from industry experts will cover an area of the system.

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